Today, SMP announced our first statewide ad in Mississippi targeting Cindy Hyde-Smith for lobbying for the insurance industry, taking their campaign cash and then refusing to stand up to them as they raise Mississippians’ health care premiums. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s career and bank account have been buoyed by the insurance industry while hardworking Mississippians struggle with rising health care premiums.

“Cindy Hyde-Smith is in the pocket of the insurance industry; she has repeatedly been rewarded by her insurance industry cronies while they raise premiums for hardworking Mississippians,” said Hannah Hurley, spokesperson for SMP. “Insurance rates are skyrocketing, putting affordable health care coverage out of reach for middle-class Mississippians, but Cindy Hyde-Smith’s career in politics continues to thrive. Instead of fighting for affordable health care for all Mississippians, she is a reliable vote for the insurance industry in the Senate.”

Watch the ad “Heads” HERE.



“Heads or tails your health care premiums go up.”

“But Cindy Hyde-Smith does just fine.”

“The game?”

“Cindy Hyde-Smith got paid to lobby in Washington for health insurance companies.”

“Now she’s taking tens of thousands in campaign money from the insurance industry.”

“And all the time your healthcare premiums keep going up.”

“The cost of your healthcare is no game.”

“But you lose if Cindy Hyde-Smith wins.”

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Senate Majority PAC