A small group of protestors gathered in Jackson near Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s campaign office downtown on Friday, to rally for her resignation prior to the November 27 election.

The group of around 20 people began short segments of chants around noon on Friday with phrases like “Hell no, Cindy gotta go,” and “No hate, in our state.” They had specified speakers to address the media including local college and high schoolers as well as a native Mississippi artist who now resides in New York.

Genesis Be used the technique of spoken word poetry to express her concerns on the recent statements made by Hyde-Smith and the importance of voting especially in the African American community.

The final speaker, Alvin Barnes, NAACP President at Touglaoo College also encouraged voter turnout on the 27th since he said, expecting her resignation probably wouldn’t happen. He had the group chant the “no hate, in our state” mantra.

“Is everyone out here a registered voter? Let me ask you, have you registered someone else to vote,” said Barnes. He said these comments by Hyde-Smith should be remembered by African American students whenever they’re faced with the question of whether or not they should vote.

The protest was non-violent and did not include any picketing, and wrapped up shortly after the press conference.