On his facebook page last night, Mike Espy, Democrat nominee for US Senate, seemingly encouraged his supporters to vote twice by encouraging folks who voted absentee to go to the polls as well.

The graphic embossed with the Mike Espy logo and on his page said, “Worried about your absentee ballot didn’t arrive on time?  GO VOTE TOMORROW”.

According to the Secretary of State’s office website on absentee voting,

Some registered voters are eligible to vote by an absentee ballot because of age, health, work demands, temporary relocation for educational purposes, or their affiliation with the U.S. Armed Forces. Please check with your Circuit or Municipal Clerk to determine if you are entitled to vote by an absentee ballot and to learn the procedures for doing so.

Requests for comment have been made to Secretary of State Hosemann’s office and to the Espy campaign and they will be updated accordingly.