The Mississippi Legislative PEER Committee is releasing its report titled A Review of the Procurement and Oversight of the Division of Medicaid’s Non-Emergency Transportation Brokerage Contract.

Senate Bill 2836 (2018 Regular Session) requires the PEER Committee to conduct a performance evaluation of the Division of Medicaid’s NET program not later than January 1, 2019, and every two years thereafter.

Some of the Committee’s major findings include:

  • The Division of Medicaid currently contracts with Medical Transportation Management, Inc. for non-emergency transportation services.  In May 2018, of the 126,522 total eligible Medicaid beneficiaries, 9,583 individuals utilized the NET program, while 116,939 beneficiaries met the eligibility requirements for the NET program but did not utilize services.
  • The Division of Medicaid’s current NET contract has a cost cap (a cost not to exceed) of $96,776,053.
  • The Division of Medicaid’s previous NET contract paid the same rate for beneficiaries each month, regardless of whether they utilized the NET program. The division currently pays the NET broker at a firm and fixed rate, a new utilization-based payment methodology.
  • The Division of Medicaid routinely monitors performance data and documentation submitted by the NET broker.
  • Some states coordinate human transportation services in an effort to maximize productivity and cost efficiency.  Currently there is no formal agreement among Mississippi state agencies that establishes interagency transportation agreements regarding transportation services provided by the division’s NET provider.  Some states also are considering the use of ride sharing companies to provide NET program services.

View the full report below:

PEER Review Press Release