CLARION LEDGER – Hyde-Smith defeats Espy in U.S. Senate runoff

With lots of help from President Donald Trump, Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith defeated Democrat Mike Espy in Tuesday night’s U.S. Senate runoff in Mississippi.

Hyde-Smith will serve out the final two years of Thad Cochran’s term and make history as the first female elected to Congress from Mississippi. Espy would have made history, too. If he’d won, he’d be the first African American Mississippian elected to the U.S. Senate since Reconstruction.

Hyde-Smith told the crowd at her Jackson election party: “You’ve handed me a victory. I’m not going to let you down. I am going to Washington, D.C., first thing in the morning … The reason we won is because Mississippians know me and they know my heart.”

“Thank you for stepping up, Mississippi.”

Hyde-Smith victory party

President Trump congratulates Hyde-Smith


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Chris McDaniel inserts himself into Hyde-Smith win

Espy tweets after defeat


CLARION LEDGER – Sid Salter: MSSen: Special election race cost $20 million and two candidates’ reputations

In 2018, Mississippi voters elected two U.S. senators. The two elections saw about $27.6 million expended with $11 million of that coming from partisan outside groups — and armed with that money, Mississippians witnessed the near destruction of the reputations of at least two of those candidates…

…The Nov. 27 special election runoff ensued with outside spending attack ads from both camps that painted Hyde-Smith as an insensitive racist and Espy as a crooked public official for hire. Throughout a prior 18-year career in Mississippi politics, Hyde-Smith had never faced allegations of that nature. Espy was cleared of all criminal charges against him 20 years ago and has enjoyed a successful law practice since that time.

Both of them are far better human beings than how they were portrayed the last months and weeks, and both deserved better treatment.

But since Nov. 6, Mississippi voters have seen up close what a national campaign looks like when both major parties have resources and outside spending entities engage in campaign tactics like this. For many, the question remaining after the political dust settled is just why any candidate would subject themselves and their families to the meat grinder of modern politics?

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WJTV – Court of Appeals Runoff Races

    • Appeals Court District 4 Position 2 Runoff

      Candidate Party Votes Percentage
      David McCarty i 103,270 votes 66% votes
      Jeff Weill i 53,151 votes 34% votes
      Total 156,421

      Min: 0% Max: 100%

      100% Reporting 403 of 403 Precincts

  • Appeals Court District 2 Position 1 Runoff

    Candidate Party Votes Percentage
    Deborah McDonald i 82,682 votes 65% votes
    Eric Hawkins i 44,453 votes 35% votes
    Total 127,135

    Min: 0% Max: 100%

    100% Reporting 435 of 435 Precincts

WJTV – Mississippi House of Representatives Races

    • MS House District 31 Runoff

      Candidate Party Votes Percentage
      Otis Anthony i 4,701 votes 69% votes
      Barbara Brooks i 2,143 votes 31% votes
      Total 6,844

      Min: 0% Max: 100%

      100% Reporting 18 of 18 Precincts

  • MS House District 85 Runoff

    Candidate Party Votes Percentage
    Jeffery Harness i 4,300 votes 59% votes
    JoAnn Collins-Smith i 2,929 votes 41% votes
    Total 7,229

    Min: 0% Max: 100%

    100% Reporting 27 of 27 Precincts