Successful ballot initiatives in Nebraska, Idaho and Utah could lead to even more efforts to bypass Republican governors and legislatures to expand Medicaid by public referendum, a key organizer of past winning campaigns says.

According to an article by Forbes, The Fairness Project, which spent $6 million to support ballot measures that won earlier this month, said it’s evaluating the political and regulatory climate of the 14 remaining states yet to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

The Fairness Project is now “actively evaluating the viability of campaigns in all states that haven’t expanded Medicaid but do have a ballot process,” the group said.  They list Mississippi among 5 other states (Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming) as states that they’re possibly targeting in 2020 for ballot initiatives.

The Fairness Project claims to have helped Medicaid supporters in the most Republican of states win during this year’s midterm elections. It aided grassroots level campaigns in states with data analytics and related digital expertise to assist groups like Utah Decides Healthcare in Utah and Insure the Good Life in Nebraska.