Freshman Republican representative Robert Foster has officially announced his run for Governor.

“I’m a public school graduate, I’m a farmer and I’m running for Governor,” said Foster in his video announcement.

Foster hosted an announcement event in DeSoto County Tuesday night, during which he posted his first gubernatorial advertisement.

Foster has been openly discussing his plans to run but saved the official announcement event for Hernando.

“I grew up in a small business family that taught me about hard work and the Christian faith. These are the values I’m proud to say we are instilling in our children,” said Foster in the video. “My workers and I are blessed to be Mississippians, their happiness is important to me. It’s kept me up at night, praying about how I can make their life better, not just for my family but my employee’s families. But what if my job was to make our whole state better  for all Mississippians, that’s why I’m running for Governor.” 

Foster’s business and agricultural background experience will be an asset, and his personal life is a story that’s likely to resonate with many Mississippians.

Before taking the reins of his family farm and agritourism business, Cedar Hill Farm, Foster attended DeSoto County Schools and the University of Mississippi. Robert is married to his high school sweetheart, Heather, who spent the early part of her childhood in Purvis, and who was selected as Parent of the Year last year at Oak Grove Central Elementary, where she served as PTA President.

They, along with their daughter and son, live in Hernando and attend Hernando Baptist Church.