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WLBT – Public Service Commission says cell coverage maps are inaccurate

“Well, the maps are completely inaccurate,” said Presley.

And folks we asked agreed that their coverage is spotty, at best.

“If I change to another company, I look in the brochure to see what they claim the coverage is,” noted Brown. “Once you get it and you say, ‘OK, this has real good coverage’ and then you find out later it really doesn’t.”

“From here to the coast, it should be crystal clear,” explained Washington. “There’s a commercial showing that, but it’s not.”

There are federal funds available for rural areas that don’t have solid 4G LTE coverage.

Gov. Bryant announces DMC Power expansion in Olive Branch


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CLARION LEDGER – Mississippi spends $100 million annually to jail unconvicted

Mississippi counties pay about $100 million a year to jail those who haven’t been convicted of crimes, according to a newly released database by the MacArthur Justice Center.

That’s more than the state of Mississippi spends each year on child protective services ($98 million).

“Our database confirms that long-term pretrial incarceration of poor Mississippians, attributable primarily to improper and illegal use of the money bail system, continues to be a significant problem that costs counties millions of dollars,” said Cliff Johnson, director of the MacArthur Justice Center at the University of Mississippi School of Law.

WJTV – Report says Mississippi inmates in jail for longer stretches