Passage Clears Bill to be Signed into Law

The U.S. Senate has approved a measure sponsored by U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and Congressman Gregg Harper to ensure wounded warriors can work in the legislative branch of government without restrictions on their ability to meet their medical needs.

The Senate late Thursday approved the bill (H.R.6160) to amend Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act by unanimous consent, clearing it to be signed into law.  HR.6160 was authored by Harper and Hyde-Smith introduced as a companion bill (S.3098) in the Senate.

“This bill would remove a barrier that could keep wounded warriors from serving in the legislative branch of our government.  It would ensure they can work and still see their doctors and make medical appointments,” Hyde-Smith said.

“I’m pleased to join Congressman Harper in making this simple, but important, change to benefit disabled veterans, who can bring their unique experience to congressional and legislative branch offices,” she said.

The legislation would modify the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act to ensure disabled veterans working in the legislative branch can attend medical appointments without penalty.  It would allow House or Senate rules committees to set leave standards regarding self-certification requirements for legislative branch employees who use disabled veteran leave.

Currently, the Office of Personnel Management requires veterans who are federal employees to certify that their use of disabled veteran leave is related to medical treatment for a service-connected disability.

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith Press Release