Will Rogers was famous for saying, “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.”

Mississippi Democrats seem to have a bit of a technology issue.  Their longtime website located at msdemocrats.net seems to have fallen on hard times.  And by hard times, we mean 10 years ago.  The site currently operating talks about Hurricane Gustav relief.

Apparently, according to a new site located at classicmsdems.com, the party somehow lost control of the msdemocrats.net site recently and have had to reboot.  David Rushing, a volunteer Executive Committee member for the Party took on the mantle of building a new site.  “I learned on Nov 21 that the official Mississippi Democratic Party website (over which I have had no input or access) is no longer functional and cannot be restored on a timely basis. I have been called on to restore this site I designed which has been inactive for several months to avoid duplication of effort.”

The new site is certainly more updated, but also features a post questioning whether or not President Trump should be impeached.

Coming off 2018 going into a statewide election year, this was probably not how the Party wanted to start the New Year.