Today’s bill of the day would not only allow for students to carry sunscreen to school and would allow for a volunteer school employee to help that student apply the sunscreen if they can’t do it themselves.

SB2044 ensures students can block the UV rays, and that the employee helping them cover their skin in the lotion wouldn’t get in trouble for doing so, as long as a parent has written a note of consent for assistance.  The bill was authored by Senator Terry Burton and was referred to the Education Committee.


The bill reads: 

SECTION 1. (1) As used in this section, “sunscreen” means a compound topically applied to prevent sunburn.

(2) A public school shall permit a student, without a parent or physician’s authorization, to possess or self-apply sunscreen that is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

(3) If a student is unable to self-apply sunscreen, a volunteer school employee may apply the sunscreen on the student if the student’s parent or legal guardian provides written consent for the assistance.

You can read the full bill HERE.