State Treasurer Lynn Fitch announced her candidacy for Attorney General this morning on the Paul Gallo Show.

“I’ve had the honor of serving as Treasurer of Mississippi since 2012. Now I’m asking for your support as I run for Attorney General of our great state. I believe that my unique skill set in law, finance and public policy can help move Mississippi forward,” Fitch states on her new campaign website.

Fitch is only the second woman to hold the office of State Treasurer in Mississippi, and the first Republican woman to do so. Since taking office, Fitch has led the effort to reorganize MPACT, one of Mississippi’s two 529 college savings programs, to make it more financially sound for savers and cost-neutral to taxpayers.  She has also helped to return over $82 million in unclaimed property to its rightful owners.  And, Lynn established the TEAM (Treasurer’s Education About Money) initiative.  This public-private partnership, in its first three years, has brought financial education to more than 66,000 students in over 350 schools and trained 1,200 teachers in personal finance, all at no cost to the schools, the teachers, or the students.

Fitch joins Mark Baker in the race for Attorney General, which will be an open seat in 2019. Attorney General Jim Hood is running against former JSU administrator Valesha Williams and Jackson non-profit executive Albert Wilson for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.