In any domestic dispute the first priority is to make sure all people, especially children, involved are taken care of. Once that is settled, some may ask what happens to Buster the families beloved dog?

Well, SB 2014 addressed just that. The bill calls for an amendment code section in the Mississippi Code of 1972 to ensure the safety of any K9 companions caught up in a domestic dispute. The bill adds in the language of a “companion animal” and requires that any respondent not:

“remove, damage, hide, harm or dispose of any companion animal owned or possessed by a person to be protected by the order, and may authorize removal of a companion animal from the possession of the respondent.”

This act would protect any animal from ‘retaliation’ in the midst of legal action.

The bill was authored by Senator Angela Hill, who has backed numerous animal rights legislation over the years. It was referred to Judiciary A Committee.