Branded as a way to limit the spread of chronic wasting disease among Mississippi’s deer population, this bill would prohibit supplemental feed and other tactics to lure in deer.

HB 786, authored by Representative Currie would also give specific stipulations on the discarding of a deer carcass.

The bill reads:

The taking of deer with the use of supplemental feed, natural deer urine, or mineral licks is prohibited. (a) The dumping of deer carcasses on the roads and highways of this state, or within the limits of the rights-of-way of such roads and highways, or on any public or private property is prohibited.

The disease first showed up in the state in 2018 in Issaquena County. It’s spread to 7 deer since.

According to an article by the Clarion Ledger, the disease is caused when proteins called prions become misshaped and spread to other prions. That then eats holes in a deer’s brain.

There is no cure and can take up to 16 months for a deer to show symptoms. It is fatal.

The bill was referred to Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.