Another bill before lawmakers would create “bona fide separation” as an additional grounds for divorce.

Currently, Mississippi has 12 grounds for divorce. They range from adultery to inhumane treatment, and irreconcilable differences. SB 2529, would add a 12th reason for divorce in the state.

The bill was authored by Senator Doty, but this is not the first time in recent history that legislators have attempted to add another reason for divorce. Two years ago, legislation was brought fourth that would include the language “domestic abuse” as a grounds for divorce. The bill failed, as it was argued that ‘habitual cruel and inhumane treatment’ encompassed domestic abuse.

The bill reads:

Thirteenth. Willful and continued separation without  cohabitation, with the intent not to return or resume or otherwise continue the marital relationship, for not less than three (3) years. Either party may have a divorce based on this cause.

The bill was referred to Judiciary A Committee.