The grassroots support for Tate Reeves keeps rolling in. The conservative leader has earned the endorsement of Republican grassroots leaders and the leaders of President Trump’s 2016 campaign in Congressional District 1. Reeves has been a champion for tax cuts and bold conservative reform in Mississippi as Lieutenant Governor and has earned a reputation as a tough, principled advocate for taxpayers.

“Democrats have gone crazy. We need leaders who will stand with our President to keep their radical agenda out of our state. No question—the man for the job is Tate Reeves,” said Ellen Jernigan, Desoto County Trump Chair.

Brad Mayo, GOP Chair Lafayette
Chrissy Heard, GOP Chair Lowndes and Trump Chair
Dolly Marascalco, GOP Chair Grenada
Donna Ruth Roberts, State Executive Committee 1st Congressional District
Dora Day, Trump Co-Chair Pontotoc
Ellen Jernigan, Trump Chair Desoto County and State Executive Committee CD 1
Faye Dillard, GOP Chair Pontotoc
Giles Ward, State Executive Committee CD1
Jerry Don Keith, GOP Chair Tishomingo
Keith Heard, State Executive Committee 1st Congressional District
Kevin Cavender, GOP Chair Marshall
Mark Forsman, GOP Chair Winston
Patsy Gregory, Fmr. GOP Chair Chickasaw
Phillip Izard, GOP Chair Itawamba
Teena Horn, Trump Co-Chair Chickasaw
Thomas Futral, GOP Chair Chickasaw and Trump Chair
Trey Bowman, GOP Chair Choctaw and Trump Chair

(Personal endorsements, not an official organization endorsement)

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Tate Reeves for Governor