The civil administrative forfeiture bill, HB 1104, did not survive out of the Judiciary A committee in the House.

The bill was highly endorsed by individuals like Public Service Commissioner Marshall Fisher and Governor Phil Bryant:

However, it received its fair share of criticism as well.

Latino was previously the Director for American’s for Prosperity – Mississippi. He now serves the national organization.

MCPP has gone on the record to say the bill infringes on the rights of Mississippians when it does not require a charge or conviction to seize assets.

While, Chairman of the Jud A committee, Rep. Mark Baker, supported law enforcement’s backing of the legislation, he did not bring the bill up last week on Thursday before the deadline day. This was an indication to many that they may not have the votes in the Republican caucus to pass the bill on the floor.

It officially died during the committee deadline on Tuesday.

The bill would have reinstated a law whose repealer was passed over last year, that allows law enforcement to seize property with a value of up to $20,000 in the event an officer suspects a violation of the controlled substance act.