Today, Mason Dixon released a poll that’s in a series of tracking polls conducted over the last 18 months.  The highlight of the poll shows Democrat AG Jim Hood with a hypothetical 44/42 advantage over Republican LG Tate Reeves with 14% undecided.  The gap in the Mason Dixon poll has narrowed from Hood +5 to Hood +2 since December 2017.  Interestingly, they modeled former Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller as an independent candidate, which resulted in 40/38/13 for Hood, Reeves and Waller, respectively with 9% undecided.

Other poll highlights include LG Tate Reeves with a whopping 62/9 lead over Rep. Robert Foster among Republicans.  In the soon-to-be-open AG’s race, Republican Treasurer Lynn Fitch is leading Republican Rep. Mark Baker 45/17 with 38% undecided in a primary poll.


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