The Senate has passed SB 2901, the Landowners Protection Act, but not without its fair share of debate on the floor.

The bill was authored by Senator Harkins, with several other contributors. The authors say the intent of the bill is to protect property owners from liability in the event a criminal act takes place on their property by a third party.

While most Senators agreed the bill wasn’t a “bad bill” they were in disagreement that it was good enough to pass as is.

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Senator Brice Wiggins offered a reverse repealer amendment due to concerns that the bill needed some work.

Senators like Sen. Fillingane agreed with Wiggins, but the repealer amendment died. Sen. Derek Simmons offered a second amendment to change some of the bills language, which was also killed.

Sen Hob Bryan said he had no initial intention to get involved in this debate since it was “not my area of expertise” but also offered a reverse repealer on the bill.

Sen. Wiggins spoke in favor of the amendment, sharing that if the bill passes as is “you’re voting against the rights of victims of domestic abuse.” The amendment by Bryan failed.

The bill passed on a roll call vote, 32-17 but was held on a motion to reconsider.

Senator Wiggins tweeted out a statement about why he voted against the bill.