A bill still alive in the Senate could make it cost more money to get a marriage certificate in the state of Mississippi.

SB 2043, authored by Senator Burton would increase the marriage certificate cost to $85, made payable to the circuit clerks office. The current cost in the state is only $20.

The bill reads: 

The clerks of the circuit court shall charge

(a) Docketing, filing, marking and registering each complaint, petition and indictment…………………..$ 85.00

The fee set forth in this paragraph shall be the total fee for all services performed by the clerk up to and including entry of judgment with respect to each complaint, petition or indictment, including all answers, claims, orders, continuances and other papers filed therein, issuing each writ, summons, subpoena or other such instruments, swearing witnesses, taking and recording bonds and pleas, and recording judgments, orders, fiats and certificates; the fee shall be payable upon filing and shall accrue to the clerk at the time of collection. The clerk or his successor in office shall perform all duties set forth above without additional compensation or fee.

The committee substitute was passed through the Accountability, Efficiency, and Transparency committee before deadline day last Tuesday.