WTOK – Hood says ‘working people’ hurt by GOP control

Mississippi Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood says if he’s elected governor, he wants the state to expand Medicaid, put more money into early childhood education and reduce taxes on groceries.

Hood says “working people have been kicked to the curb” with Republicans controlling the legislature and the governor’s office.

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WTOK – Local lawmakers discuss Landowners Protection Act

Senate Bill 2901 and House Bill 337, known as the Landowners Protection Act, would reduce the liability of business owners when someone is injured on their property, unless there’s proof they knew about the potential harm.

“It’s still in discussion in the House. I think the Senate has passed a version, but it’s a long way from being finalized,” said Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden.

Under current Mississippi law, lawmakers say an ‘atmosphere of violence’ has to be proved when suing a business for an injury that takes place there. This bill would narrow the definition of an ‘atmosphere of violence’, requiring a felony conviction in the prior three years.

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WLOX/WDAM – First Responders Act makes its way through the state Legislature

A bill that would ensure first responders get the proper coverage for health-related illnesses is making it’s way through the state legislature.

The Mississippi First Responders Health and Safety Act, or Senate bill 2835, says “…when a first responder who has completed 10 or more years of service is unable to perform his regular duties….by reason of cancer, such cancer shall be classified as an occupational disease…” The bill has passed the Mississippi Senate and is currently in the House of Representatives.

Mississippi Fire Fighter Association President and Collins Fire Chief John Pope said he’s been fighting fires for over 20 year,s but even he can’t fight off the threats that come with the job.

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DAILY JOURNAL – PERS to consider rule change over retirees in legislature

The governing board of the state retirement system will meet Tuesday morning to discuss a rule change that would allow retired state employees to keep pension benefits if elected to the legislature.

In a written opinion released last November, the attorney general’s office found that in its interpretation, Mississippi state law allows for beneficiaries of the state Public Employees Retirement System to win legislative office and keep benefit checks.

However, the state PERS system has not yet rescinded its rules that cut off benefit checks if retirees enter the state legislature.

Retirees are allowed to hold elected offices in county and municipal government, provided certain conditions are met.