Today’s bill of the day is a Constitutional Amendment that would allow for changes to the Mississippi Constitution of 1890 to ensure rights to children that are victims in the juvenile justice system. The bill would create a new section in the constitutional law.

The amendment, HC 47, was authored by Speaker of the House Philip Gunn. The bill would ensure things like a victim being notified when a court has taken up the case for the person accused of the crime against them.

The bill reads: 

Amend the Mississippi Constitution of 1890 by creating a new section to read as follows:

“Section    . (1)  To preserve and protect justice and due process for victims throughout the criminal and juvenile justice systems, a victim shall have the following rights which shall be protected in a manner no less vigorous than the rights afforded to the accused:

The bill goes on to outline that these individuals are to be treated with respect and dignity and that the system is to ensure their safety and privacy. The bill also includes law enforcement officers who become victims of crime while performing their duties.

The bill passed the House Floor on Wednesday.