Support for Tate Reeves continues to pour in from grassroots conservative leaders across Mississippi. Today, elected officials and Republican leaders from the Metro Jackson area are announcing their support for the campaign. Reeves has earned these endorsements because of his reputation as a battle-tested conservative who defends Mississippi families.

“Tate Reeves is the only choice for Mississippians who care about sound, conservative policies. No other candidate comes close to his record of standing strong for everyday Mississippians” said Kathy Henry, former President of Mississippi Federation of Republican Women.

Elected Officials

Former Congressman Gregg Harper

Bryan Bailey, Sheriff, Rankin County

Josh Harkins, State Senator, District 20

Dean Kirby, State Senator, District 30

Chris Caughman, State Senator District 35

Butch Lee, Mayor of Brandon

Lu Coker, Alderman, Brandon

Harry Williams, Alderman, Brandon

Dwight Middleton, Alderman, Brandon

Cris Vinson, Alderman, Brandon

Tahya Dobbs, Alderman, Brandon

Gary Rhoads, Mayor of Flowood

Kathy Smith, Alderman, Flowood

Donald Flint, Alderman, Flowood

Deron Harmon, Alderman, Flowood

Kirk McDaniel, Alderman, Flowood

Dusty Rhoads, Alderman, Flowood

Tawanna Tatum, Alderman, Madison

Sheila Jones, Supervisor, Madison County

Trey Baxter, Supervisor, Madison County

David Bishop, Supervisor, Madison County

Gerald Steen, Supervisor, Madison County

Ronny Lott, Chancery Clerk, Madison County

Janice Moser, Alderman, Byram

Charlie Campbell, Alderman, Byram

David Moore, Alderman, Byram

Richard Cook, Alderman, Byram

Representative Fred Shanks, Rankin County

Larry Swales, Chancery Clerk, Rankin County

Robert Hancock, Constable, Rankin County

Brad Patridge, Constable, Rankin County

John Sullivan, Tax Assessor, Rankin County

Jay Bishop, Supervisor, Rankin County

Steve Gaines, Supervisor, Rankin County

Jared Morrison, Supervisor, Rankin County

Daniel Cross, Supervisor, Rankin County

Bob Morrows, Supervisor, Rankin County

Judy Fortenberry, Tax Collector, Rankin County

Pat and Cynthia Sullivan, Mayor of Richland

Chuck Gautier, Alderman, Ridgeland

Brian Ramsey, Alderman, Ridgeland

Bill Lee, Alderman, Ridgeland
Jake Windham, Mayor of Pearl

Russ Espiritu, Mayor of Puckett

Bob Morris, Mayor City of Florence

GOP Leaders

Arnie Hederman, Former Chairman of MSGOP

Joe Nosef, Former Chairman of MSGOP, State Executive Committee, 2nd Congressional District

Spencer Ritchie, former executive director of MSGOP

J.R. Jones, State Executive Committee, 2nd Congressional District

Veronica Naylor, State Executive Committee, 3rd Congressional District

Franc Lee, State Executive Committee, 3rd Congressional District

John Taylor, State Executive Committee 3rd Congressional District/GOP Chair, Madison

Gary Harkins, State Executive Committee 3rd Congressional District /Former GOP Chair, Rankin

Pete Perry, State Executive Committee 3rd Congressional District, GOP Chair, Hinds

Sharron Womack, President Rankin County Republican Club

Pat Bruce, President, Madison County Conservative Coalition

Kathy Henry, Former President of MFRW

Charles Porter, Trump Finance Chair

Rob Rall, Trump Chair Hinds County

Jesse McConnell, Trump Chair Hinds County

Beau Cox, Rankin County Executive Committee

Brian Rhodes, Rankin County Executive Committee

Tyson and Erica Burleson, Rankin County Executive Committee

Criss and Missy Zebert, Rankin County Executive Committee

Tricia Redditt, Rankin County Executive Committee

Kristin Windham, Rankin County Executive Committee

Sandra Hales, Rankin County Republican Women

Pam Harkins, Rankin County Republican Women

Brittany Odom, Rankin County Republican Women

TJ Griffin, Madison County Executive Committee

Kenny Ellis, Hinds County Executive Committee

Kirby Boteler, Hinds County Republican Party

Austin Barbour, Hinds County Republican Party

Ty Austin, Hinds County Republican Party

Press Release

Tate Reeves for Governor