Americans for Prosperity, Mississippi State Director Trey Dellinger, who recently replaced Russ Latino, outlined the organiztions agenda priorities for the year 2019 during their Capitol day on Tuesday.

“We are here for a great cause, we are here to fight for the American dream,” said Dellinger. “America was the first nation in history to make that dream a reality for ordinary people. We want to make that dream a reality for every Mississippian because everybody deserves a chance to be somebody.”

This year they are focusing on three areas: education, criminal justice reform, and fiscal discipline. 

For education, Dellinger said they hope to give parents and students more options in school selection, like public, private, charter and home school options. He said they also hope to reduce some of the red tape that public schools experience.

“If parents are given choices they’ll make good decisions. They’re the best judges of their children’s education needs,” said Dellinger. “Ultimately they’re their children and they have the right to direct their kids education.”

AFP is all about giving people more freedom to make decisions in their own lives. Dellinger said in a private interview with Y’all Politics it is good for people to have an organization like AFP around to focus on removing barriers to people’s opportunities so that they can achieve their full potential.

“Some of that will be a little bit different than what folks are use hearing from the standard voices. I think it’s important for us to bring a fresh voice to that to show that we can create more opportunities for people by giving them more freedom,” said Dellinger.