YAHOO NEWS – Trent Lott thinks Joe Biden is the strongest Democratic presidential candidate

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said Joe Biden is the only Democrat he thinks would be competitive in the 2020 election against President Trump.

“Joe will be able to perpetuate the image of Uncle Joe, and he is pleasant. He is qualified,” Lott, a Mississippi Republican, said in an interview for the Yahoo News podcast “The Long Game.”

“Half this bunch in there right now is not qualified,” Lott said of the current Democratic field.

When asked whether Trump is qualified for the presidency, since he has less experience in politics or government than any of the Democratic candidates, Lott laughed in acknowledgment of the point.

“I guess you could argue he’s more qualified now than he was three years ago,” Lott said with a chuckle.

CLARION LEDGER – Former longtime Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree running for Mississippi secretary of state

Former longtime Hattiesburg mayor and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Johnny DuPree on Tuesday filed to run for secretary of state.

DuPree said election reform will be his top issue, and that his experience as a mayor, a school board member and president, a real estate agent and a small business owner make him qualified for the office. No other Democrat has publicly announced a run for the office, but two Republicans, state Sen. Michael Watson and Public Service Commissioner Sam Britton, are running in the GOP primary.

DuPree, 65, served as mayor of Hattiesburg from 2001-2017. In 2011, he was the Democratic nominee for governor, the first African-American to be elected nominee for governor for a major party since Reconstruction.

“I was just about content with private life,” DuPree said when asked why he decided to run. “But I started teaching a policy course at (the University of Southern Mississippi) and I talked to and interacted with a lot of young people. It totally surprised me how much work we still need to do with voting, elections — the underpinnings of our democracy.

Rep. Scott DeLano qualifies to run for Senate District 50 to replace Gollott

WLOX – Auto insurance rates to decrease for State Farm customers in Mississippi

Auto insurance rates to decrease for State Farm customers in MississippiMississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney said Tuesday that he has approved an 11.2 percent decrease in rates for State Farm auto insurance consumers.

“This rate decrease is good news for consumers in our state,” said Chaney. “Competition and market share have turned around proposed rate increases by many companies, including State Farm. Additionally, new technology used in automobiles and in driver education by insurance companies has driven down prices for consumers.”

Gov. Bryant on Fox and Friends to discuss heartbeat bill


ICYMI – YP – Trump 2016 leaders endorse Tate Reeves for Governor

Conservatives across Mississippi are uniting in support of Lt. Governor Tate Reeves’ campaign for Governor. The following Trump 2016 campaign leaders from across the state have announced their support for the campaign. Reeves has earned these endorsements because of his work to promote conservative solutions, fight for lower taxes, and cut wasteful spending.

“President Trump needs us to support strong conservatives who will have his back at the state level. If you believe in the Make America Great Again agenda, we need your help to elect Tate Reeves here in Mississippi. He’s our guy,” said Rob Rall, Hinds County Trump Chair.

Gov. Bryant signs Rare Disease Day proclamation


NEWSMS – Fitch to host Richland unclaimed property event

This Friday, February 22nd, staff from State Treasurer Lynn Fitch’s office will be available at the Richland Community Center to help area residents search the State’s unclaimed property list and file claims for their funds.

“Since I took office in 2012, we have distributed over $93 million in unclaimed property,” said Treasurer Fitch.  “That is true economic stimulus and can make a real difference in people’s lives.  I am so pleased to partner with Mayor Sullivan to help the residents and businesses of Richland find their unclaimed property at the Richland Community Center.”

CLARION LEDGER – #MSLeg: DUI fines in Mississippi would double under legislation passed by the House

DUI fines would double under a bill in the Mississippi LegislatureFines for DUI violations would double under a bill passed in the Mississippi House and awaiting Senate action.

If House Bill 1445 becomes law, the state assessment for violating the state’s implied consent law, also known as driving under the influence, would increase a DUI fine from $243.50 to $493.50. The fine on DUI convictions goes to support trauma care in Mississippi.

“Are we doing this to just raise money or is it for safety?” Rep. Greg Haney, R-Gulfport, asked during the House floor debate last week on the bill.

Rep. Donnie Scoggin, R-Ellisville, replied: “A little of both.”