This bill of the day would amend code section in regards to the definition of murder and penalties of such an actions.

HB 21, authored by Representatives Shirley and Horne, was passed in the House and amends the current law to include provisions in the event the life of a utility worker is knowingly taken while they are working, and classify that action as capitol murder.

The bill reads: 

Murder which is perpetrated by the killing of a  utility worker while such utility worker is acting in his official  capacity as a utility worker, and with knowledge that the victim was a utility worker. “Utility worker” shall mean any person employed by, provides service on behalf of, or is otherwise contracted by a public utility as the term “public utility” is defined in Section 77-3-3, and such term shall also include any municipal, county or state owned utility, and any public agency, association, utility or utility district.

The bill has passed in the House, through the Judiciary B committee and has been transmitted to the Senate.