Sen. Wicker advocates for proper enforcement of Jones Act

WTOK – Mississippi lawmakers advance pay raise for county officials

A proposed pay raise for many elected county officials in Mississippi is advancing.

The House voted 93-14 Wednesday for Senate Bill 2827, which would be financed by increased fees for filing government documents and court cases.

The Senate and House must resolve differences before the measure goes to the governor.

Pay for county supervisors would increase by $10,000 a year, with supervisors making $39,000 to $56,700 after the raise, depending on the value of property in a county.

Circuit and chancery clerks would be paid up to $99,000 in fees generated by their office, up from $90,000 now.

CLARION LEDGER – MDOT: State could lose millions if it relaxes drug, DUI penalties

Mississippi Department of Transportation Director Melinda McGrath said the department isn’t opposed to House Bill 1352, known as the Criminal Justice Reform Act. But she said the bill’s current language, put in by the Senate, could lead to the loss of about $50 million in federal transportation funds.

“That’s a lot of money,” McGrath said.

McGrath and MDOT attorney Judy Martin, briefly spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee as it debated the bill on the deadline day for passage from committee. The bill passed the committee and heads to the full Senate, but with lawmakers promising to take MDOT’s concerns into consideration before passing a final version.

“Our only concern is with federal transportation dollars not stopping,” McGrath said.

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WAPT – Mississippi lawmakers propose tax incentives for filming in state

A measure called the Motion Picture Incentive Act has passed both the House and Senate in February. 

The bill would reinstate rebates, and sales tax incentives for major motion picture productions shot in Mississippi. 

Rep. Omeria Scott says this measure literally hits home for her. 

“For me personally, I was extremely hurt that the Jones County film… ‘The Free State of Jones,’ was filmed in Louisiana, because we didn’t have the proper tax credits available,” Scott said.

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WTOK – Community colleges advocate for more state funding

Sen. Hyde-Smith on Green New Deal

NEWSMS – Bill to expand ESA program will die

A bill to extend the state’s ‘Special Needs Education Scholarship Account’ program (ESA) will die.

While the bill (SB 2675) to extend the ESA program until 2024 was passed by the Senate earlier in the session, Chairman of the House Education Committee Rep. Richard Bennett decided to let the bill die. While speaking on the decision, Bennett reportedly cited concerns about the program, while also saying that it should not be voted on until next year’s session due to the major changes that will take place in November’s elections.