WTOK – Mississippi River mayors look for infrastructure help

Mayors from all along the Mississippi River are looking to Washington this week to help their communities before flood season. Mayors are meeting all week with leaders on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

Their main priority is the completion of local projects that could help mitigate flooding and address other issues along the river.

The mayors are concerned about forecasts calling for a historically wet spring season. They say if some of these projects are not completed with the help of federal dollars, catastrophic flooding might occur.

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NEWSMS – Waller runs for Governor, says legislature needs to unite

When Waller retired in November, he says he did not intend to run for Governor but was going to enjoy teaching in law school. He then started getting calls, letters, and visits from people who were not satisfied with the options specifically on the Republican ticket.

“I started looking at it, I started studying it, I started praying, visiting with my family and my friends. The closer I looked, ultimately when I saw what Tate’s position was on our Roads and Bridges and on our Healthcare crisis I said we can do better than that, Mississippi has to do better than that, so I decided to pull the trigger and make the move about three weeks ago.

Waller says the current House and Senate are not working cohesively, something he hopes to change if elected as Governor.

“I’ve already had informal conversations with Speaker Gunn, and Delbert Hosemann who I think will be elected Lieutenant Governor. Delbert is a neighbor of mine, we frequently visit and I think that we’ve got a team that can have some positive change for Mississippi that we haven’t had in the past.”

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