Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is making a change to his political career. He is not running again to serve in his current position, instead he has decided to run for Lieutenant Governor.

Hosemann announced his run to a group of supporters at the KLLM Transport headquarters in early January 2019.

“I want to be a part of leaving a better educated, healthier, and more prosperous Mississippi to our children and grandchildren,” Hosemann said.  “The next Lieutenant Governor will have a significant impact on your future and our future.”

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Those same priorities seem to still be fueling his campaign for Lt. Governor as he spoke with Y’all Politics on what he hopes to accomplish if elected.

“At least half of my time is going to be spent on educated workforce. Allegedly the Lt. Governor’s position is part time and you’re only supposed to work during the Session. Well, I’m not going to do that,” said Hosemann. He said by being a full-time Lt. Governor it means he’ll be able to get out in Mississippi when they aren’t in the Capitol.

He believes that the education workforce is the future. This eventually leads to a good paying job that is substantial to support an individual or a family. He says the state should focus on career technical training in high school, advancing duel college credits.

“About 70% of Mississippians do not get a full bachelors degree, and every one of them deserves a full job,” said Hosemann.

While most of his time he says will be spent on educated workforce that doesn’t discount the infrastructure needs and rural healthcare. He has currently been visiting rural healthcare providers in Mississippi. He says he plans to promote Wellness centers across the state to promote healthy living.

In a prior speaking engagement at the Stennis Luncheon, Hosemann also put an emphasis on his vision for teacher pay. He said if elected as Lt. Governor he would fight to ensure educators received a pay raise each year.

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“We’ve got other needs here, our teachers’ compensation is one of them,” said Hosemann. “If I’m lucky enough to be there I intend to raise teacher pay every year, not just on an election year.”

Hosemann was asked how he will cultivate a positive working relationship with the future governor, in the event that that person is not a Republican. He made it very clear he doesn’t see party distinction when it comes to the good of Mississippians.

“Once I get hired I see a state I’m supposed to be running and the best jobs and most economy. So from that standpoint I think in the Senate, that’s how I plan to operate,” said Hosemann. He says he is no stranger to pushing policy that is not agreed upon by everyone but he plans to promote what he believes is best for Mississippi.

He didn’t endorse any particular candidate out of those who are running for his position as Secretary of State, but he did say he plans to help ease the transition period as much as he can for whoever is elected.

“So there’s a learning curve and I hope to make that as minimal for whoever succeeds us. I hope we left it a little bit better than when we first started,” said Hosemann.

He said the votes should know when he says he’s going to do something, it’s going to happen.

“Odds are, I wouldn’t bet against Gilbert getting that done,” said Hosemann.