WTOK – Mississippi lawmakers to meet on 2019 revenue and budget

Deciding how much revenue they expect the state to collect is the key to other budget decisions, including how big of a raise teachers get.

Leaders proposed two $500 raises over the next two years, but House members sought a pair of $2,000 raises.

Republican House Speaker Philip Gunn of Clinton has indicated he’s leaning toward at least $1,000 for the upcoming year.

Lawmakers must also decide if they’ll provide raises for at least some state, university and community college employees.

WLOX – Mississippi teachers play waiting game on pay raise proposal details

Mississippi teachers say they don’t want to be election year pawns. But now, they’re playing a waiting game to learn how much lawmakers are willing to raise their pay. Lawmakers approved a new and higher revenue estimate Monday. Translation, they are officially giving the legislature more money to work with before this session wraps up. Education advocates hope that means approving a higher teacher pay raise.

“These are our tax dollars that the people of Mississippi have been paying into the system,” said The Parents’ Campaign Executive Director Nancy Loome. “And the people of Mississippi have made it very clear that they want us to put more money into public education and specifically into paying our teachers better.”

As a recap, the Senate first proposed a $1,000 dollars phased in over two years. House members voted to bump that up to $4,000. Since they couldn’t agree on the amount, the bill got sent to conference.

WLBT – Gubernatorial candidate brings convicted felon on board to help campaign

Shuler Smith is running for Mississippi State GovernorGubernatorial candidate Robert Shuler Smith Hinds County District Attorney has brought a convicted felon on board to help him get to the governor’s mansion.

“No one is excluded from taking part in this process, especially the electorate process,” the Hinds County District Attorney said referring to his campaign team which includes 42-year-old Scott Meece.

In 2006, Meece, then a private practice attorney from Louisiana, went on an armed robbery spree hitting banks across three states including Mississippi.

He was ultimately captured by the FBI and convicted of federal bank robbery and brandishing a firearm. He pleaded guilty and received a sentence of 10 years. He was released last year but still remains under federal supervision.

Congressman Guest: Border problem growing worse everyday


WTOK – Guest: Mueller Report over, let’s move forward

“I think anything that is not classified or was not obtained by grand jury subpoena should be issued to not only Congress but I believe that the public should also get to see it,” said Guest.

Democrats in the House have promised continued hearings and subpoenas in attempts to still find something to harm the president.

“I don’t believe that there will be any additional information that will be forthcoming by these hearings,” said Guest. “I think these hearings will be nothing more than political gamesmanship to continue to try to press a narrative that does not exist.”

Bryant leads Homeland Security Summit on Coast


WCBI – Mississippi delegation requests federal disaster declaration

Mississippi’s congressional delegation is urging President Donald Trump to make a quick decision on a request for federal aid for flood and storm damaged areas.

The FEMA request said 43 of the state’s 83 counties were impacted by the tornadoes and flooding in late February.

ICYMI – YP – Don’t bet against Hosemann

“I want to be a part of leaving a better educated, healthier, and more prosperous Mississippi to our children and grandchildren,” Hosemann said.  “The next Lieutenant Governor will have a significant impact on your future and our future.”

Those same priorities seem to still be fueling his campaign for Lt. Governor as he spoke with Y’all Politics on what he hopes to accomplish if elected.

“At least half of my time is going to be spent on educated workforce. Allegedly the Lt. Governor’s position is part time and you’re only supposed to work during the Session. Well, I’m not going to do that,” said Hosemann. He said by being a full-time Lt. Governor it means he’ll be able to get out in Mississippi when they aren’t in the Capitol.

Sen. Wicker works to increase military funding


WLBT – Status hearing held for three of the 9 people charged in Canton’s ongoing voter fraud case

Courtney Rainey was one of three people making an appearance in Madison County Circuit Court Monday. (Source: WLBT)A status hearing was held Monday morning for three of the nine individuals facing charges in Canton’s ongoing voter fraud scandal.

A bench warrant was initially issued for Canton Board of Aldermen member Andrew Grant, who failed to appear in court. He is charged with voter fraud and conspiracy. Grant made his appearance late Monday morning, so the bench warrant was rescinded.

Gov. Bryant signs Israel Support Act


State Rep. Anderson spends the day with liberal activist Shaun King at Delta State


CLARION LEDGER – Michael Avenatti: The Peoples Bank in Mississippi was defrauded, prosecutors say

See the source imageFederal prosecutors in two states revealed criminal charges Monday against Michael Avenatti, the high-profile lawyer who battled President Donald Trump, accusing him of scheming to extort shoemaker Nike, embezzling money and defrauding a bank.

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles revealed Monday that they had charged Avenatti with embezzling a client’s money to pay his own expenses and debt. He is also charged with defrauding The People’s Bank by using a fake tax return to obtain loans, a scheme they said had been going on for considerably longer. The Peoples Bank is based in Biloxi and was founded in 1896.

Sheila Wilbanks, a spokeswoman for Mississippi Southern District U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst, said any information in the Avenatti case would have to come from prosecutors in California. She said she could not say whether the U.S. Attorney’s office in Mississippi would have any involvement with the case.