Today the Mississippi House of Representatives followed suit with their Senate counterparts and passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 596 by a vote of 69-49. The bill also brought its fair share of  controversy among party lines.

The amendment calls for a Convention of States to approve amendments that would restrict the fiscal restraints of the federal government, effectively limiting their power.

The House debated the bill for over an hour, offering several amendments that were not accepted among members before passing, mostly on a party line vote. The Senate originally passed the bill last Thursday, by a vote of 32-17.

Those in support of the bill focus more on the amendments aim to limit federal spending, however, those who disagree with amending the Constitution worry it could take away some of the federal protections concerting voting rights and potentially hurt Mississippi’s standing when receiving federal funds.

SC 596 suggests that its application is necessary due to the current national debt caused by federal spending, what they say is an overstep into states, and that it is the states responsibility to protect the rights of the people living therein.

Mississippi now joins 15 other states that have passed the amendment across the United States including: Alabama, Florida, Texas, and Arkansas.

This measure is not unlike the bill that the House passed last year, HCR 56, but failed to pass the Senate.