WJTV – Mississippi Legislators agree on $1,500 pay raise for teachers

WJTV – Mississippi governor vetoes youth detention bill

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has vetoed a bill that would have lightened the punishments of some children convicted of criminal crimes.

According to current law, a child convicted of a felony at 10 years old may be placed in a state training school or secure detention facilty

Lawmakers proposed changing the minimum age to 12, but since the governor vetoed the bill, they will not try to overturn it.

Gov. Bryant testifies before Senate Commerce Committee


Hood blames Reeves for bridge closures


WTOK – MDOT announces emergency bridge closures

The Mississippi Department of Transportation was directed Wednesday to begin immediately closing at least 34 bridges.

One is in Clarke County, on County Road 630, crossing Buckatunna Creek.

“If these bridges remain open, it will not only present a safety hazard to the traveling public but will also threaten $530 million in federal funding, which is about 50 percent of MDOT’s overall budget,” said Melinda McGrath, executive director of MDOT.

According to its most current list, the Office of State Aid Road Construction discovered 34 deficient bridges were open to traffic. State Aid ordered counties to close some of the listed bridges by September 2018. State Aid is a separate state agency that enforces federal guidelines for county and city-owned roads and bridges and does not report to the Transportation Commission or MDOT.

Hyde-Smith announces $4.8 million in water infrastructure improvement funding


YP – Mississippi Legislature becomes 15th to adopt Convention of States resolution

Today the Mississippi House of Representatives followed suit with their Senate counterparts and passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 596 by a vote of 69-49. The bill also brought its fair share of  controversy among party lines.

The amendment calls for a Convention of States to approve amendments that would restrict the fiscal restraints of the federal government, effectively limiting their power.

The House debated the bill for over an hour, offering several amendments that were not accepted among members before passing, mostly on a party line vote. The Senate originally passed the bill last Thursday, by a vote of 32-17.

State Rep. Anderson calls Convention of States a bad idea


MS House honors outgoing members


Hyde-Smith chairs her first hearing in the US Senate


WDAM – Three candidates running for senator for District 34

Three candidates are vying for the public’s vote in an effort to become senator of district 34 in the Aug. 6th primary election. Senator Juan Barnett, City of Hattieburg councilwoman Deborah Delgado and retiree Steven Wade are on the ballot.

“My decision to run again was easy, because I have met so, so many great people across the district and I just enjoy serving people,” said District 34 senator Juan Barnett.