Saying landowner rights and protections are among the cornerstones of American freedom, conservative Republican Attorney General candidate Mark Baker hailed passage of the Landowner Protection Act which was signed by Governor Phil Bryant last Friday.

Baker (R-Brandon), Chairman of the House Judiciary A Committee, shepherded the bill through the Mississippi House of Representatives.

The legislation is backed by a diverse array of business and community groups seeking to reform landowner liability, including the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Mississippi Economic Council, the Business and Industry Policy Education Committee (BIPEC), and the Mississippi Center for Public Policy.

“By bringing Mississippi’s landowner liability in line with national norms, this act creates a better environment for business development and expansion,” Baker added.  “It also contains reasonable provisions for situations where a plaintiff can demonstrate where a landowner would logically be liable.”

Baker said the legislation is an example of the type of pro-business, pro-property owner reforms he’ll champion for individual property owners and business when elected as Mississippi’s first conservative, Republican Attorney General.

“Mississippi encourages investment,” Baker concluded.  “Our property rights laws should reflect that.”

Representative Mark Baker Press Release