Republican candidate for State Treasurer David McRae hailed passage of Mississippi’s Human Trafficking Bill as signed by Governor Phil Bryant last week.  The measure will equip law enforcement with new training to counter human trafficking, as well as provide new protections, primarily for women and children, who are most often the victims of human traffickers.

“As a husband and a father, I’m glad the law will finally recognize that young women, often under the age of 18, are indeed the victims of human trafficking and not part of the problem,” McRae said.  “They will no longer be subject to arrest as if they were in partnership with the perpetrators, and that’s great news for victims of this despicable crime.”

The bill forbids any minor from being charged with prostitution in human trafficking cases.  In addition to training law enforcement in ways to better access and interface with human trafficking victims, the law requires that foster parents be provided similar training.

“Like most Mississippians with children, especially daughters, I am deeply touched and encouraged by how citizens and elected officials of all parties and backgrounds joined together to ensure passage of these critical protections,” McRae concluded. “The Bible tells us that we should treat the ‘least among us,’ our children, as the greatest gifts from God.  This historic change in our legal code reflects that timeless, divine truth, and our society will be much better for it.”

David McRae Press Release