Andy Taggart, a long time Mississippi attorney, has announced his run for Attorney General. In his interview with Y’all Politics, Taggart talks about his experience leading up to the decision to run as well as what he would like to change and impact if elected.

After the tragic death of one of Taggart’s sons, a casualty to the drug war, he and his wife Karen have served as passionate crusaders among young people and families battling illicit drugs. He believes the fight against drugs, and the predators who profit from others’ destruction, should be top priority for law enforcement, led by the state’s next Attorney General.

“I wish we didn’t know what we now know, and no one would sign up to learn the things we have learned, but among the things we’ve learned is that there are predators and victims in the drug war,” said Taggart. “It’s critically important that the system acknowledge the difference in predators and victims and treat them differently.”

Over the past three decades, Taggart has served as a practicing attorney and counsel to many of the state’s top leaders. He also served on the forefront in the election of Kirk Fordice, the first Republican Governor of the Mississippi modern era in 1991. He then served as Governor Fordice’s Chief of Staff and Counsel. He later went on to serve as Litigation Counsel to Governor Haley Barbour and Audit Counsel to the then-State Auditor Phil Bryant. Bryant later named him as Co-Chairman of the Mississippi Department of Corrections Task force, aimed at restoring public confident and trust in the operations of state movement. Taggart is also one of Governor Bryant’s appointees to the Mississippi Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee.

Taggart applauded the Mississippi Legislature for the Criminal Justice Reform bill, passed this year, that would address how individuals are moved through drug court. These drug courts will now be referred to as “intervention courts.”

“I think the steps in criminal justice reform we have seen in the last couple of years have been positive steps,” said Taggart. “Now folks who need to be redeemed instead of being jailed will be returned back as contributing members of society.”

Taggart obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Mississippi College in 1979, and received his Juris Doctor cum laude from Tulane University School of Law in 1984. He has been married to Karen Taggart for 36 years; they are parents to three sons and proud grandparents of a baby girl.

“I think I bring the life’s experience, the career training and the professional wherewithal to be the Attorney General that the people of Mississippi need,” said Taggart