Today, conservative, Republican candidate for Mississippi Attorney General Mark Baker vowed to take the fight for Mississippi’s “Heartbeat Bill,” all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if needed.

“This is a common sense bill that prohibits abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected,” Baker said. “Mississippians overwhelmingly support it, and most Americans support protecting and preserving life.

If I’m elected Attorney General, I will join with other conservative attorneys general across the nation fighting to protect life in federal court, even the highest court.”

Baker (R-Brandon) fought for Mississippi’s Heartbeat Bill in the Mississippi legislature and the measure was signed by Governor Phil Bryant March 21.  Since then, national pro-abortion groups have filed suit to stop enforcement of Mississippi’s Heartbeat Bill and similar bills from other conservative, pro-life states. Meanwhile, New York, Virginia and other states have passed measures providing for unfettered abortion, even up to the time of birth.

“Fearing a conservative reawakening led by President Trump, measures like Mississippi’s Heartbeat Bill are being vigorously opposed by desperate activist groups.  In New York and Virginia, we are seeing them even promoting live birth abortions,” Baker continued.

“President Trump has done a great job appointing conservative federal judges, and now is the time that we take the fight for life to the next level.  As Mississippi’s Attorney General, President Trump will have a conservative partner in the Mississippi Attorney General’s office.”

Baker has vowed to fundamentally transform the office.  “For decades, the Mississippi AGs office has paid more attention to filing lawsuits against businesses and generating fees for deputized trial lawyers than fighting violent crime, illegal immigration and drugs,” Baker concluded.

“There are many other priorities important to Mississippians, especially protecting life.”

Mark Baker Press Release