Mayor of Vicksburg, George Flaggs, Jr. was introduced by President Donald J. Trump to speak on how Opportunity Zones are affecting the city, while at the White House on Wednesday.

“Here with us today is the Mayor of Vicksburg, George Flaggs, who over the last year has worked with private investors to create better jobs in the city,” said President Trump. “Mayor Flaggs I want to thank you for your tremendous partnership you’ve really helped inspire us I must say, and you have done an incredible job and it wasn’t easy all the way. We appreciate your knowledge, giving us some of that knowledge…”

Flaggs then thanked the President for the honor to be there and reminded all listening that Vicksburg was the first Opportunity Zone that was created as a result of the President’s tax cuts.

“As a former legislator for 25 years, I’ve never seen any piece of legislation that allows more collaboration between federal, state and local government,” said Flaggs.

Flaggs said that 45% of new Jobs in Mississippi were created in Vicksburg. Including the saving of 125 jobs in the city with salvaging of a plant created in 1889, through using the Opportunity Zone collaboration of state and federal officials.