Today, Republican candidate for State Treasurer David McRae announced 30 campaign chairs, 27 of which are former Trump 2016 county campaign leaders, as well as support from President Trump’s Mississippi Campaign Finance Chairman.

“Securing support from most of Mississippi’s Trump campaign leadership is a testament to David McRae’s commitment to Trump conservatism,” said Charles Porter, former Trump Campaign Finance Chair for Mississippi.  “Consistent with President Trump’s overall approach, David is a fresh-face, political outsider who’ll bring a businessman’s approach to Government, seeking to maximize returns for Mississippi’s taxpayers.”

McRae is Managing Equity Partner of McRae Investments.

“I’m honored that so many Trump 2016 campaign leaders from throughout Mississippi are supporting my campaign,” McRae said.   “It demonstrates my effort is a continuation of the type of conservatism in action that we’ve seen from our President and that Mississippi’s Republican voters have overwhelmingly embraced.”

The McRae county campaign chairs and co-chairs announced today are:

Adams            Bruce Brice, Chair

Adams             Jody Lynne Brice, Co-Chair

Bolivar             Joe Davidson, Chair

Carroll             Paul Henderson, Chair

Carroll             Ben Shute, Co-Chair

Chickasaw       Tommy Futral, Co-Chair

Clarke              Chandler Mitts, Chair

Clarke              Judy S. Roberts, Co-Chair

DeSoto            Ellen Jernigan, Chair

Forrest            Albert Williams, Chair

Harrison          Justin Skinner, Chair

Hinds               Rob Rall, Chair

Hinds               Crystal Rall, Co-Chair

Hinds               Charlotte Reeves, Chair

Hinds              Monte Reeves, Co-Chair

Hinds               Jesse McConnell, Co-Chair

Humphreys     Terry Tuck, Chair

Jackson            Jon Reynolds, Chair

Lafayette         Steve Vassallo, Chair

Lauderdale      Todd James Vallot, Chair

Lee                  John Logan, Chair

Marshall          Gail Jones, Chair

Monroe           John “Dewey” Martin, Chair

Pike                 Ed Funchess, Chair

Rankin             Russ Griffith, Chair

Scott                Richard Wilkerson, Chair

Smith               Josh Bowen, Chair



Choctaw          Dakota Brasher, Chair

Clay                 James Michael Peavy, Chair

Madison         Tona Becker, Chair