Today, the Bill Waller for Governor campaign announced it has exceeded its fundraising goal so far by raising more than $580,000 from more than 700 donors in just two months since the campaign began on March 1, and is on track to raise the funding needed for the next three months before the Republican primary election on August 6.“The outpouring of support for Bill Waller in such a short amount of time is exciting to see, and it’s a sign of real momentum building all across the state,” said Finance Committee member, Leland Speed. “Bill Waller is focused on finding conservative solutions to the challenges facing Mississippi, and more and more people are joining the campaign every day. We will continue to work hard to ensure he has the resources needed to deliver his message to all voters.”

“I saw firsthand what it takes to be a successful Governor, and that’s why I’m supporting Bill Waller,” said Finance Committee member, Dan Fordice, son of the late Governor Kirk Fordice. “Bill Waller is not afraid to talk about big issues that matter for the future of our children and grandchildren. I appreciate his straight talk and leadership abilities that we need at this important time for our state.”

“The Coast has a lot of BP economic damage funding headed its way that has to flow through Jackson, and that is why we need a Governor who will keep petty politics out of that process,” said Finance Committee member, Hugh Keating. “Bill Waller is going to keep Coast decisions in the hands of people on the Coast.”

The Waller campaign will file its formal campaign finance report by the May 10 deadline.

Bill Waller Campaign Press Release