Tuesday, two ads were released with new endorsements for the Gubernatorial race. One ad, a radio spot, was released by the Tate Reeves campaign, the other, a video interview, by Bill Waller’s campaign. Both at nearly the same time.

In the ad released by Reeves’ campaign, entitled “Teammates,” you hear from Governor Phil Bryant on his endorsement of the Republican candidate. In Waller’s new ad, Dan Fordice backs the former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice.

Bryant originally went on record endorsing Reeves back in February.

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“I’ve been proud to be Governor Bryant’s teammate over the last eight years,” said Lt. Governor Tate Reeves. “With his leadership and our hard work, Mississippi is growing and growing fast. Conservatives will continue working together to create more jobs and opportunity for Mississippians.”

Waller’s new video, entitled “Leaders Matter,” featured the son of former Governor of Mississippi Kirk Fordice, Dan Fordice.

In the video, Dan Fordice discusses why he’s supporting Bill Waller for Governor. “Leadership definitely matters because we’ve got to do the big things and we’ve got to do them right,” Fordice says. “I’m very glad that I have an option—Justice Waller is going to be a very good option for the state of Mississippi and he’s going to do what’s right for Mississippi.” Dan Fordice is currently the Vice-President of Fordice Construction Company in Vicksburg.

You can view both videos below: 

Bill Waller ad:

Tate Reeves ad:


“Hello, this is Governor Phil Bryant. The largest company in the world just ranked our state as the best place in America for small businesses. Hundreds of businesses have come to Mississippi or existing businesses have expanded, creating over 40,000 new jobs. Unemployment’s the lowest in Mississippi’s history, and high school graduation rates are the highest ever recorded. Now, all this is not by accident. It takes teamwork. And my teammate has been Lt. Governor Tate Reeves.

As Lieutenant Governor, Tate has cut taxes over 50 times. He’s reduced regulations to help get Mississippi moving again. That’s why I’m supporting Tate Reeves for governor. We must keep Republican leadership in the governor’s office to work closely with President Donald Trump. So, join me in voting for Tate Reeves for governor of the great state of Mississippi.”