Ryan Brown (D) is running for Central District Public Service Commissioner and sat down with Y’all Politics to discuss his plans if elected to the office.

Brown served as Deputy Commissioner with retiring Commissioner Cecil Brown for three years and said that this experience molded him for the position.

“I got to learn from his experience and from my own experience with that position at the Public Service Commission,” said Brown.

Brown said one of the most pressing issues in the state is cell phone and internet service providers saying they offer the best coverage in Mississippi… when that’s not the case. He intends to hold those service providers accountable.

“I’m the only candidate in the race with this kind of experience,” said Brown. “I’ve traveled to all 22 counties in this district testing cell phone (coverage) and internet speeds…determining that these companies are not telling the full stories on that.”

Brown said another avenue he hopes to explore when holding companies accountable is with the no-call list. He said more could be done in penalizing corporations that violate phone solicitation laws.

“These folks are breaking the law. When you receive that call, they are breaking the law,” said Brown.

Brown said there are two reasons why the calls are so prevalent.

“First, due to budget cuts at the Public Service Commission and the Attorney General’s office, we’ve had a reduction in force,” said Brown. “I’d ask the legislature to restore that funding.”

Brown said there’s also a lack of federal incentives for these companies to hold to the law. He would work with the federal government to apply tougher penalties for companies that violate the no-call laws.

Ryan Brown faces Brent Bailey, De’Keither Stamps, Nic Lott, Dot Benford, and Bruce Burton in the race for the Mississippi Public Service Commission Central District Seat. The primary election is set for August 6.