Current Public Service Commissioner for the Southern District Sam Britton has decided to run for Secretary of State in 2019. He sat down with Y’all Politics to talk about why he chose to run for the office.

“The reason I’m running for Secretary of State is I’m going to focus on the economy, mainly on the policies that affect the economy,” said Britton. “Research shows that if we have the right policies in place we will have a strong economy. If we have a strong economy that means we have money for our roads, bridges, and education.”

Britton is currently in his first term as a Public Service Commissioner. He graduated from Jones Junior College and then attended the University of Southern Mississippi where he received a business degree. After working as a pipeline welder, Britton returned to school and received a degree in accounting after which he became a CPA. He then worked with the offices of the State Auditor and the State Tax Commission, Sam began his own accounting firm.

“Where else but in America can you go from digging ditches to sitting at the table helping people make major financial decisions that affect their lives,” said Britton.

He says through those experiences he learned a lot about the economy and the business decisions people make when investing in Mississippi. He believes that background greatly equips him to go to the Secretary of State’s office.

Britton believes the discussion on policy needs to change. If elected he wants to focus on ensuring the correct policies regarding tax structure, private property rights, business regulation, and legal and judicial system.

“Research shows that the right policies in effect, then your economy can grow,” said Britton.

When it comes to voter I.D. Britton is in favor.

“Voter I.D. is important,” said Britton. “We should do whatever is necessary to keep our elections secure and fair and voter I.D. is just one step on that path.”

Britton said he is the candidate to pick because he knows how to get things done. He believes his experience in private practice helps him to understand the real struggles and issues Mississippians face.

“I truly believe if we work on our policies we can change the conversation we are having in the state and we will truly change Mississippi for the better in the future,” said Britton.