Sen. Wicker warns against military cuts


WJTV – Federal judge will consider Mississippi’s 6 week ‘Heartbeat Bill’

WLOX – Mississippi representative arrested for domestic violence

Mississippi representative arrested for domestic violenceState Representative Doug McLeod was arrested for domestic violence, simple assault Saturday.

McLeod represents District 107, which includes George and Stone County.

George County Sheriff Keith Havard says a 911 call was phoned in from the McLeod home around 8:30 p.m. Saturday. When EMTs arrived, McLeod’s wife was checked out but did not require hospitalization.

Gov. Bryant comments on Hood’s non-committal on heartbeat bill


Democrat candidate in HD 102 comments on heartbeat bill


MBJ – Bill Crawford: Can you identify the little brothers among the candidates?

In Orwell’s novel, Big Brother was the tyrannical Party leader behind the doublethinkers. Today, Big Brother doublethinking doofuses dominate the national political landscape. What’s perturbing is the proliferation of Little Brother offshoots at the state and local levels. Little Brother doofuses who mimic Big Brother doofuses tend to be coattail riders rather than serious-minded candidates.

With Mississippi holding local, regional, and state elections this year, voters will be challenged to identify the Little Brothers among the candidates.

Detecting them really isn’t hard. Match up what candidates say to real issues, not to what talking heads, blogs, and ardent followers on the left and the right proclaim. Peer through the rhetoric to see if candidates have a grasp of those issues and can offer solutions. Little Brothers crave power, not solutions.

Given today’s zealous politics, though, odds are a number of Little Brothers will prevail. Like Pogo said, “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

WCBI – USDA Rural Development grant awarded to 11 Mississippi communities

Eleven Mississippi communities were awarded money for community projects through a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant.

Senator Roger Wicker and Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith announced the state received $409,700 from the grant.

“These USDA Rural Development grants will help fire, police, and public works departments across our state continue to provide essential services,” said Wicker. “These projects will improve the quality of life for thousands of Mississippians.”

CLARION LEDGER – A Mississippi coroner has been indicted. He’s accused of selling fake funeral plans

Grenada County Coroner Eddie Robinson accused of selling fake funeral plans.Grenada County Coroner Eddie “Skeeter” Robinson III is out on a $100,000 bond after being indicted in DeSoto County. He’s accused of making fake sales of funeral plans to senior citizens.

Robinson was indicted on two counts of insurance fraud, one count of wire fraud, one count of false pretense, one count of embezzlement and one count of conspiracy. He was booked Thursday into the DeSoto County Detention but posted bond, according to the sheriff’s department.

Bryant shares tweet on Uzbekistan visit


NEWSMS – Treasurer Fitch awards six college savings scholarships

Over the weekend, State Treasurer Lynn Fitch hosted the Race to College contest during the Mississippi High School Activities Association State Baseball Championships.

“Nationally, total student loan debt is $1.56 trillion,” said Fitch. “That’s over $500 billion more than the nation’s total credit card debt, and it’s not only weighing individual graduates down but also holding back money that could be growing our economy. College Savings Mississippi gives families the opportunity to save through tax-advantaged accounts so that students can graduate with less or even no debt at all.”
Two contestants were randomly chosen from entrants to participate in each race. Each contestant raced to designated stations to submit a mock 529 college savings account application, deposit funds into their 529 account, put on a backpack to go to college, and finally received their cap and gown to run back to the starting line. The first to finish each relay won a $529 MACS scholarship.