CLARION LEDGER – Tate Reeves forms pro-life coalition

WLOX – House speaker says Rep. McLeod should resign if domestic violence allegations are true

House speaker says Rep. McLeod should resign if domestic violence allegations are trueRepublican House speaker Philip Gunn is calling on the resignation of state representative Doug McLeod if the alleged domestic violence incident is true.

According to the incident report, George County Sheriff’s deputies said McLeod was very drunk when they arrived at his home. They were answering a call for help that came from inside the house.

The report states another woman in the house told deputies McLeod punched his wife while inside their bedroom. Deputies reported seeing blood on the victim’s face and in the couple’s bedroom. The witness shared other personal details with deputies that we’re choosing not to report.

MSGOP chair comments on Rep. McLeod’s arrest


WTVA – Judge: Mississippi 6-week abortion ban ‘smacks of defiance’

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves said Mississippi legislators passed the six-week law this year knowing he had declared the 15-week ban unconstitutional because it prohibited access to abortion before viability, which is generally considered to be about 23 or 24 weeks.

“It sure smacks of defiance to this court,” Reeves said.

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant signed the new law in March, and the state’s only abortion clinic, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, quickly sued the state.

Reeves heard arguments Tuesday on the clinic’s request that he block the law from taking effect July 1. He said he would decide soon, but did not indicate when he would issue a ruling.

“Doesn’t it boil down to: Six is less than 15?” Reeves asked.

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Congressman Thompson seeks Red Cross oversight


US Trade Rep updates Senate GOP on trade negotiations


CLARION LEDGER – Michael Watson: Here’s how we can improve Mississippi’s driver’s license services

Sen. Michael WatsonMake no mistake about it, the employees at DPS are working hard to tackle a wide variety of issues in our state, including the work of their divisions such as the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Bureau of Narcotics, Crime Lab and Homeland Security office — all of which are extremely important to the safety and security of our citizens. One way to allow them to have even more focus on these law enforcement and public safety duties is to move driver’s license services away from their long list of responsibilities.

Three other states — Illinois, Maine and Michigan — have driver’s license services under the umbrella of their Secretary of State’s office. I believe this would be a good solution in Mississippi, too. It will bring better, more efficient service to our citizens, and it can be done with no additional cost to our taxpayers. I’ve looked at what these other states are doing and I’m confident Mississippi can emulate and even improve on that type of system to benefit people applying for or renewing a license here.

Gov. Bryant endorses Remak in HD 7 race


HATTIESBURG AMERICAN – Mayor’s message to criminals: I’ll pay you to leave town

The mayor of one Mississippi Delta city says he’s willing to spend up to $10,000 of his own money to pay criminals to move out of town.

Espy says that’s just part of his plan to cut crime.

Clarksdale’s 18,000 residents expressed alarm last year after 12 homicides were recorded.

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VICKSBURG POST – Vicksburg to benefit from land sale

A total of 360 parcels of tax forfeited land in Vicksburg valued at more than $758,000 is up for sale by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office.

Tax forfeited properties are land initially up for sale at county tax sales and never sold or reclaimed by the original owner. After the property lies unclaimed for three years, it is stricken from the tax rolls and turned over to the state, where it goes into the Secretary of State’s public lands inventory.

“We’re doing this all over the state. We have sold over 2,000 parcels in the last year at auction around the state of Mississippi and it’s generated over $1 million back for school districts and cities,” Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said.