WJTV – Twenty five percent of Mississippi third graders failed state reading test

Democrat Lt. Gov. candidate, state Rep. Hughes jabs Third Grade Reading Test


WAPT – A pro-choice rally outside the Mississippi Capitol got heated Tuesday


WTOK – Mississippi lawmakers on opposite sides of ‘Equality Act’ debate

The Mississippi delegation was split along party lines. The so-called Equality Act was primarily supported by Democrats.

Mississippi’s 4th District congressman, Steven Palazzo, a Republican, says the name of the bill sounds nice, but it would, among other things, require healthcare providers to perform services that conflict with their religious beliefs. He said it would also have other detrimental consequences.

“It would have been harmful to women athletic programs, not just in high school, but in college, because it would allow a biological male that identifies as a female to actually compete in those sports,” said Palazzo. “Again, opening up the locker rooms, the bathrooms, to males identifying themselves as females.”

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) voted ‘yes’ because he says he believes all Americans, regardless of race, sex, identity, deserve federal protection.

“Everybody in America should be treated the same regardless of race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation,” said Thompson. “It’s just who we are. And it’s the maturing of this country to recognize it.”

WJTV – Governor Bryant: “This IS the great flood”

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NEWSMS – United Solutions creating 50 new jobs in Sardis

New jobs are coming to Panola County as a result of a company’s decision to expand. 

United Solutions, a plastic housewares manufacturer, already employs 102 Mississippians at their Sardis facility, and a $9.5 million corporate investment will create 50 new jobs.  

“United Solutions’ expansion is great news for Panola County. Fifty new job opportunities for the people of Sardis and the surrounding area will strengthen the region’s economy and manufacturing presence while helping build more vibrant communities for years to come,” Governor Phil Bryant said.

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WLOX – Coast residents weigh in on how to spend restoration money from BP oil spill settlement

The Restore Council funds restoration projects and education initiatives with money from the BP oil spill settlement.

This was the council’s fourth in-person review and comment meeting on the planning framework draft, which serves as a bridge between the council’s overall goals and specific projects across the entire Gulf Coast.

Residents from across the Coast are weighing in with various ideas on how they believe South Mississippi’s environment will be best restored following the disastrous 2010 oil spill.

Chris Wells, the director of the office of restoration says its important to listen to the needs of each region instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Some of the ideas Wells said the council has heard include water quality improvements, habitat conservation and improvements, and the restoration of marine resources, particularly oyster.