The Tate Reeves campaign for governor is launching a new ad today—focused on the Reeves family. This television ad features Elee Reeves, Mississippi’s future first lady, giving a glimpse into their home life and how it has prepared Tate for public service. It also stars Tyler (14), Emma (12), and Maddie (7).

Elee Reeves: “Tate is definitely out-numbered in our household. All of the girls have traits like Tate. Tate is very competitive, and that competitiveness has trickled down to Tyler and Emma. Tyler and Emma can both be a little stubborn. Maddie is friendly and kind. She gets up really early and so does Tate, and they spend that quiet time together doing their daddy-daughter thing.

Tate has been known as a pretty tough negotiator. I would say that definitely translates into our house as well. I think having three daughters has definitely prepared Tate to negotiate for Mississippi.”

Tate Reeves Campaign for Governor Press Release