Trent Lott Endorses Nic Lott

Former United States Senate Majority Leader joins fellow Republican leaders who want to bring back the Public Service Commission into GOP hands

Conservative Republican Nic Lott announced that former United States Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott has endorsed his candidacy for Public Service Commissioner in the Central District of Mississippi.  Recognizing that the Republicans will only take back the PSC if Nic Lott wins, Senator Lott joined other GOP leaders at a Rankin County event who are determined to win the Central District seat.

Said Senator Lott, “I am pleased to be here to endorse Nic Lott for Public Service Commissioner.  We have a lot of needs in Mississippi for a good, solid Public Service Commissioner with conservative principles, and Nic has that. He’ll do the job for you!”

Said Nic Lott, “I’m excited that so many people across our state agree with me that in a district that has defeated Republicans such as Roger Wicker, Cindy Hyde Smith, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and even President Donald Trump, that we want to win in 2019.  The reason Governor Bryant asked me to run for this seat is that they all know that Republicans have to do something different in 2019 to win.”  The 2015 Republican candidate for PSC Central lost by 9 points.

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In 2000 Ole Miss made national news when they elected its first ever black student body president, despite having only 8% minority enrollment.  Nic Lott, a native of Taylorsville, Mississippi, was on Good Morning America the next day, and a new face of Mississippi was shown to the nation.

Nic graduated and went to Washington DC interning at the White House for President George W. Bush.  He soon joined the offices of Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and then House Conference Chairman JC Watts in Congress.  In 2003 Haley Barbour asked him to come back to Mississippi to work on his campaign, and after the victory Nic joined the staffs of Mississippi Department of Corrections, the Department of Public Safety, and eventually with the Mississippi Development Authority.

Nic continued to serve in Governor Phil Bryant’s Administration with MDA before resigning just a few months ago to seek the elected office of Commissioner of Public Service in the central district of Mississippi.

An NRA member, Nic is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.  A firm believer in limited government and the free market, Nic is committed to using our natural resources to create an energy policy that provides all of us safe, clean, and efficient power at a low price. He is determined to make sure our state provides maximum economic opportunity by seeking to provide access to modern technology statewide. At the same time, Nic dedicates himself to making sure that technology is used correctly by cracking down on those who violate our laws regarding harassing phone calls from illegal spammers.

Nic Lott for Public Service Commissioner Press Release