Democrat Bob Hickingbottom spoke out on WMPR 90.1, “The Voice of the Community” about Jim Hood’s expression of support for an African American Democrat contender for Attorney General, Jennifer Riley Collins.

“Recently he was on a black radio show saying he was going to support Jennifer Riley Collins. She is a black Democrat running to replace him as Attorney General,” said Hickingbottom. “If you believe that then you still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy because the facts are, Jim Hood and his entire staff at the AG’s office are supporting current Republican Treasurer Lynn Fitch.”

When contacted, the Hood campaign said that Hood has made no endorsements for the AG position at this point.

Hickingbottom made claims that dozens of trial lawyers have made money, and then donated it back to Hood’s campaign during election cycles. He also asserted that there are over 100 attorneys working at the AG’s office, yet Hood continues to contract outside attorneys.

“During the Hood tenure as AG, which began in January 2004, his risk trial lawyer buddies made over $121.1 million in legal fees,” said Hickingbottom. “Now what could our state of have done with that money?”

He went on to say that those same individuals went on to donate over $400k in ’07, $535k in ’11, over $600k in ’16. Hickingbottom said that most Mississippians would prefer that the money spent on trial lawyers be used to help the state move forward.