Y’all Politics editor Alan Lange joined the J.T. Show on Supertalk Mississippi on Monday to talk about how the current election cycle is going and who seems to be coming out on top.

During the interview, Lange referenced a recent poll published by Y’all Politics in which it shows Tate Reeves currently leading the charge to the Governor’s office. The poll shows Reeves over Hood by about +12 and while it has Reeves winning the GOP primary, if Waller were to face Hood in November it has him leading by +7.

The poll was done with live callers (as opposed to IVR polling) with appropriate splits between land line and cell phone.  It tested likely voters on several questions including their preferences in voting in a primary, Right Track/Wrong Track, Republican gubernatorial primary ballot, and two hypothetical general election ballots.

This poll was not paid for by any candidate and was not done internally. Candidates like Jim Hood have conducted their own polls and used them in their own campaign platforms, however, even though this is an independent poll, most statewide media outlets did not pick up the results.

Lange said that response could be due to the fact that the results aren’t exactly the kind of narrative most outlets want to push.

“This is, so far, the only independently done poll in the race and it’s gotten crickets,”said Lange. “I think statistically I have more confidence in this poll than anything I’ve seen.”

Governor Bryant has been unusually active with endorsement for this election cycle. He has been active behind Tate Reeves for Governor,  Michael Watson for Secretary of State, David McRae for Treasurer, and Delbert Hosemann for Lt. Governor. He has even stepped in to endorse individuals in the House of Representative races.

“I think he really see’s that he want’s to have an impact even after he’s gone,” said Lange. “I think he wants to protect the policies that he has had a hand in crafting.” Lange went on to say that he believes you’ll see even more action from the Governor after the Primaries.

Lange said it is likely that many of these races will be decided with the Primary in August. Those he believes could be wrapped up at that point include the Attorney General’s seat, Treasurer, Ag Commissioner, Secretary of State, and even the Governor’s race.

“If the Governor’s race shapes up to be the Tate Reeves versus Jim Hood fight that everyone has predicted that will be a real race going down the stretch,”said Lange. “I think it will move back to being more of an elephants and donkeys kind of race.”

Lange also mentioned that this election cycle will determine who will be responsible for redistricting in 2020.

“Even though it isn’t on the ballot, it is on the ballot. It’s something we are going to be dealing with come the early part of next year,” said Lange.