Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has voiced a radio spot endorsing David McRae for Treasurer.

Transcript of Governor Phil Bryant radio spot endorsing David McRae:

 “Hi, this is Governor Phil Bryant. Who serves as Mississippi’s next State Treasurer is very important. That’s why I’m endorsing my good friend David McRae. David is not a career politician.  He’s a pro-Trump conservative with the business experience that prepared him to be our next State Treasurer. I know David McRae will protect our credit rating, improve the returns on our investments and be a watchdog of our tax dollars. You trusted me as Governor, and now I’m asking you to trust me again and support my good friend David McRae for State Treasurer.”                                                                    —Governor Phil Bryant

In addition to Governor Bryant, McRae’s candidacy has earned the endorsement of 30 Trump 2016 campaign county chairmen from throughout Mississippi, as well as President Trump’s 2016 State Finance Chairman for Mississippi.  McRae has also earned the endorsement of various municipal and county officials throughout Mississippi.

“I am very pleased that Governor Bryant and other opinion leaders throughout Mississippi have voiced such strong support for my campaign,” McRae said.  “As a businessman from outside the political arena, I appreciate the fact that Governor Bryant has helped make Mississippi one of our nation’s most business-friendly states, open to new investment and jobs. As Treasurer, I am determined to use my experience in the private sector to benefit Mississippi taxpayers and keep our state’s momentum going.”

McRae’s ads have highlighted his status as a businessman from outside the political arena. David McRae now serves as Equity Managing Partner of McRae Investments.  In his role, David formulates and directs investment strategy and assists the McRae family Foundation in various charitable and philanthropic priorities which focus on private sector solutions that can improve Mississippi’s housing, healthcare, and educational endeavors.

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